Halloween Jeopardy
A Prequel Short Story to the Claudia Hershey Mystery Series

Decorated Police Homicide Detective Claudia Hershey, now working in a small Florida town, never planned to become a cop at all. Find out what pushed her in that direction in this short story, which takes place when Claudia is 12 years old.

When she was just 12 years old, Claudia Hershey, the girl who later would become a frequently decorated police homicide detective, really only wanted to be an oboe player in an orchestra one day. That changed on a Halloween night when, despite her protests, her mother insisted she go trick or treating one last time. Reluctantly, Claudia, tall and gawky as a pre-teen, appeased her mother by putting on a ghost costume and heading out into the neighborhood. She didn’t fit in well with her peers, who liked to call her “stilts,” so she walked door to door alone, just wanting to be done with it all. Then, just when she was about to call it a night, she saw something bad about to happen in a dark, isolated area of the neighborhood. There was no one else around and she was suddenly thrust into a situation where she had to make a swift life or death decision that would catapult her into hand-to-hand combat. It would be her last foray into trick or treating, but not the last time she encountered evil on a holiday night.

Author Laura Belgrave's Claudia Hershey Mystery series, police procedurals with a twist

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