Did You Miss Out on Halloween Jeopardy?

short story Halloween Jeopardy by Laura BelgraveI realize most of you are subscribers on my website because you downloaded In the Spirit of Murder at no cost, most likely from something you saw on Facebook or another online outlet. Spirit is the first in the Claudia Hershey Mystery Series and has close to 100,000 downloads and more than 370 reviews, the vast majority stellar.

Still, that doesn’t mean you necessarily spotted the free prequel titled “Halloween Jeopardy,” a short story that brings you into Claudia’s world when she was only 12 years old and out for what she vehemently hoped would be her last gawky door-to-door Halloween experience. In fact, that particular night is largely why she became the stellar detective she grew into. But I’m not about to tell you more. Go get what I call a “snackable” story right here and enjoy it over lunch: (No sign-up required.)

What’s a Kobo??

Well, for one thing, Kobo is an anagram for the word “book.” But it’s also the second largest seller of ebooks, audiobooks, and even ebook readers. I’ve known that for some time and it’s one reason I’ve always made my own ebooks available through my website not just at Amazon, but at Kobo, Barnes & Noble and Apple Books. My feeling? No matter what device you have, you should be able to get ebooks for it, no?

big box store like WalmartBut get this: Walmart now is officially an online ebook and audiobook retailer, too. That’s because earlier this year it partnered with Kobo, taking the gloves off to rattle Amazon in particular, which has nearly an 84% international command of all such sales, according to research from Euromonitor. Thus, enter the business deal between Walmart and Kobo, which is a Canadian company created in 2009 that currently shows more than 6 million ebook and audiobook titles in 190 countries, not to mention its own eReader device. Euromonitor research says Kobo comes in second to Amazon in market share for ebooks at 13.4%. That makes it a player, but still not one approaching Amazon’s scope. Apple Books and Barnes & Noble? Well . . . they hardly count, but I would never count them out, especially Apple. There’s a lot going on there, too.

(And yes, although you can get all of my own books directly from Kobo and other eBook retailers on my website, just for fun have a gander at them directly on this probably new-to-you Kobo at Or, sure, just visit a Walmart store or go to the company’s online site.)

These are interesting days in the zany world of ebooks, to be sure.

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Have a terrific holiday season!