Did You Miss Out on Halloween Jeopardy?

short story Halloween Jeopardy by Laura BelgraveI realize most of you are subscribers on my website because you downloaded In the Spirit of Murder when it was available at no cost, most likely from something you saw on Facebook or another online outlet. Spirit is the first in the Claudia Hershey Mystery Series and has close to 300,000 downloads and more than 500 reviews, the vast majority stellar.

Still, that doesn’t mean you necessarily spotted the prequel titled “Halloween Jeopardy,” a short story that brings you into Claudia’s world when she was only 12 years old and out for what she vehemently hoped would be her last gawky door-to-door Halloween experience. In fact, that particular night is largely why she became the stellar detective she grew into. But I’m not about to tell you more. Go get what I call a “snackable” story for only 99¢ and enjoy it over lunch.

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Have a terrific holiday season!