Claudia Hershey Mysteries

The Claudia Hershey Mystery Series by Laura Belgrave

The Claudia Hershey Mystery Series box set, by Laura Belgrave, mystery author or save over 20% and get all three books.


About In the Spirit of Murder

When top homicide Detective Claudia Hershey left Cleveland, Ohio to get away from murder and its demanding, erratic hours, she thought she’d found bliss for herself and her daughter in sleepy little Indian Run — a backwards Florida town.

But when a medium turns up dead there on Halloween night, Hershey is thrust into a nightmarish case that reaches from the secretive heart of a psychic community to the powerful corridors of the state Legislature. Unraveling the truth could end her career — maybe even her life.

About Quietly Dead

They look like tragic accidents: An old woman drowned in her tub. An old man drowned in a pond. But when Florida Detective Claudia Hershey looks beyond the evidence, someone looks back—someone who will stop at nothing to silence her from seeing what was there all along.

No one is surprised when the friendless cat lady of Indian Run is found dead in the bathtub of her grubby trailer. Accidents happen. One happened to her. The police chief wants to move on.

But Detective Claudia Hershey thinks the case merits another look. Inconsistencies scream for further investigation, not to mention a mean-spirited neighbor whose undisguised pleasure in the woman’s death is too great to ignore. Reluctantly, the chief gives her the green light and she turns her full attention to the case—for a day. Because then another body surfaces, this one in a pond, this one that of a wealthy old man who shares nothing in common with the cat lady but the unfortunate manner of their deaths.

Two quiet drownings, two tragic accidents. That’s what everyone thinks. But Hershey looks harder. What she doesn’t know is that someone is looking back—someone who will stop at nothing to silence her from seeing what has been there all along….

About Deadly Associations

When a hostage situation in a gated community turns deadly, blame is swiftly leveled at police Detective Claudia Hershey. Why didn’t she see calamity looming? Why didn’t she stop it before it turned lethal? Was she just too burned out?

That’s the media spin planted by the mayor of Indian Run. He claims Hershey has allowed both and he launches a campaign to have her ousted. But what the mayor doesn’t know is that she’s already uncovered another kind of a campaign, a sinister scheme that reaches beyond the town’s limits and blurs the line between villain and hero.

Whether she can build a case in time to salvage her career depends on the community’s newest residents—and who among them stays alive.


Halloween-Jeopardy, a short storyWhile you’re here, grab my 99¢ short story, too. It details a terrifying Halloween experience Claudia Hershey faced at age 12 that propelled her into becoming a homicide detective.