Claudia Hershey NEVER Did This!

Claudia Hershey NEVER Did This!

People have a tendency to assume that an author’s main character is a lot like the author. Well . . . no. Look, Claudia Hershey, the top cop in In the Spirit of Murder, Quietly Dead and Deadly Associations, is a whole lot tougher than I am. We do share some similarities, but I would never do hand-to-hand combat or dig through scuzzy canal banks in search of a cat food can because it might be evidence.

Yeah. She’s tougher.

But skydiving is one thing she hasn’t done — and yet I have. All right, admittedly it was a tandem dive and along for the ride was a stud to which I was harnassed. (And notice, by the way, the stud wears a helmet. Oddly, I was never given one. Huh.)

The point is that almost no one I’ve talked to would ever jump out of an airplane under any circumstances. But yay, me. I did and it was genuinely one of the greatest thrills of my life. So although Claudia and I are different, I just might have her take a jump just for the hell of it one day. I don’t think she’d like the idea, but she doesn’t have a choice. That’s the beauty of being an author. You get to make your characters do what you want them to do. It’s not the other way around.

Any of you ever go skydiving? If you did, tell me it wasn’t one of the best highs you’ve experienced — and yes, pun intended.