Funny Money

Funny Money
A Humorous Mystery

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(NOTE TO READERS: This is NOT a Claudia Hershey mystery.)

Funny Money, a humourous adventure by author Laura BelgraveWhen ordinary people find themselves in extraordinary circumstances — like literally stumbling over an old box containing more than $200,000 in an abandoned field — you can be sure chaos will follow.

But that much money can be seductive, and the choices you make may not be those that would even occur to you under other circumstances.

See how 29-year-old Regina deals with her unexpected find in this madcap mystery, a definite departure from the author’s popular Claudia Hershey mystery series. Will a bumbling thief, enterprising priest, obnoxious private eye and other oddball characters help — or hurt? Find out in this quirky novel set in the 1980s when the rules of today didn’t exist.

author Laura Belgrave in a mound of manuscript paper