Reviews of Funny Money

Very Enjoyable – Humor done superbly
In this story we laugh and wonder what’s next as we follow the money and the quirky characters who cross each other’s path in ways so cleverly and humorously imagined. The characters are crazy fun to read with their differing outlooks and motivations. Their words, thoughts, and deeds are very real and very funny. It all ends up in an unexpected, but satisfying, conclusion. This is solid, enjoyable reading. It’s another example of why I won’t miss a book by Laura Belgrave. –Anita Lewis

Another excellent book
Another excellent book from Laura Belgrave. I’ve read all she’s written now and have never been disappointed. Excellent writing and character development. Funny, quirky individuals, great story. –Laurie

Pleasantly Surprised
I’m sometimes skeptical when an author whose series I adore goes in a different direction. So, when I picked up Laura Belgrave’s Funny Money while I await a promised fourth in her Claudia Hershey series, I was not only pleasantly surprised, but delighted.

Funny Money is full of a cast of quirky characters all sharing in a misadventure brought on by an irresistible monetary temptation, okay, greed. Set in the 1980s, it brought back memories of the days before cellphones and much of our current technology. Although set in Florida like her Claudia Hershey books, that’s where the similarity between Funny Money and Claudia dims.

This book combines humor with mystery; a bit of salty talk befitting one of the major players; and such great, well-developed characters that you feel like you know them all (a few that you probably wouldn’t want to know). After all, what could a travel agent, a priest, a detective, a two-bit thief and an elderly grandmother have in common? Add to this a parrot whose chatter has no filters; and a hapless dog and you’ve got a recipe for a book in the genre of Dave Barry and Carl Hiaasen.

The course of this misadventure is set out well, which gives time to develop each character fully. The end result is a book that is a fast read, brings you some belly laughs and satisfies your need for a good mystery. While the ending is not quite predictable, it is satisfying especially given the motives of each of those involved.

Laura Belgrave has again proven herself to be an excellent writer and now has shown the world that she is also a darn versatile one.

I would highly recommend Laura Belgrave’s Funny Money. –Marlene

If you like your mysteries with a laugh
If you like your mysteries with a laugh, this is the book for you! Funny Money is a fun read, full of quirky characters and zany situations that kept me going right till the end. You never know what will happen next, and the characters are as funny as the situations they get into. The clear descriptions made it easy to see the action in my mind as I read. What a movie this would make! –Deborah Vaughan

so I’m not sure how I stumbled across the author’s humorous mystery called Funny Money. Maybe because for diversion I’ve read so…
Most of the books I read are thrillers and mysteries, so I’m not sure how I stumbled across the author’s humorous mystery called Funny Money. Maybe because for diversion I’ve read some Carl Hiaasen and Tim Dorsey novels in the past, and the humor element in Belgrave’s book is similar to their comic novels. For whatever reason, I really liked Laura Belgrave’s book and had a hard time putting it down. Of course, I remember the 1980s very well, and that’s the time frame for this novel. But when all is said and done, it’s the wit and unconventional characters in this fast-paced novel that really grabbed me…in my opinion, if you like a lot of laughs, this is one you’ll want to read even if it isn’t your usual thing. –John C. Caramanica

A Quirky Tale of the 80s
Quirky. That’s this book in a word. Oh, it all turns out all right in the end. It does. Getting there, though, is a bit like riding a rollercoaster through a manically designed fun house run by the bishop of the local Catholic Diocese.

Was America in the eighties really peopled by adults of such type and character? I suppose, thinking back to some of my aunts and uncles, some of our neighbors, that, yes, they were rather guileless.

A whirlwind of a turn-around twice and don’t blink story, one follows the money and is bombarded by the rampant guilt that besieges the characters. It’s a trip that left me blinking to catch up, yet, simultaneously, getting ahead of the game and having to go back to make sure I’d gotten it right the first time around.

Ultimately, this is a romance and belated coming of age tale where, when the silt stirred by the discovery of a large cache of money finally settles, good comes out of it all, and the kids wearing late twenty-something bodies have their dreams come through.

This is the kind of book that anyone who identifies with 80s America, recalling that time with fond nostalgia, will love. –D. L. Keur