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What Readers Ask About Laura Belgrave’s Novels
Every author gets a lot of questions. Over the years, I’ve collected those that are asked most often about my mysteries, which were originally published in hardcover and paperback formats. Now the books are in ebook format and I’ve compiled answers to reader questions into this video. You’ll learn a little more about my novels, which include In the Spirit of Murder, Quietly Dead, and Deadly Associations. All are available for download.

An Author Reading of Quietly Dead by Laura Belgrave
I always scratch my head about what makes people interested in author readings. It’s not like most of us are professional readers. But you asked, so here’s one of many I hope to produce for you. This mystery is called Quietly Dead, and features a character that readers insisted I include in my next Claudia Hershey mystery, Deadly Associations.

Dispelling Myths About Authors
So you think you want to be an author? There is a lot to consider, such as back or shoulder issues from hunching over computers and having to do a lot of promotion—not to mention being a business owner. But if you have the passion, then go for it!

There is a Reason I Make ALL My Books Available in Ebook AND Paperback Formats
Not everyone has perfect vision. That’s doesn’t mean they should have to resort to “large print” books. See what I do.

Oh No! A Boo-boo in My Book!
Writing an 80,000 word novel without a single error is almost impossible. But believe it or not, Amazon works hard to ensure quality control — and so do some readers. The two errors I made? Gone now, thanks to mystery fans who take the time to let me know, and that’s because even having employed editors won’t necessarily make everything perfect.

What It’s REALLY Like To Be An Author
When I wrote my first Claudia Hershey mystery (In the Spirit of Murder) I had no intention of creating a mystery series. But my readers wanted more, so the police procedural mysteries I wound up with took on a life of their own. Who’d guess? (Claudia Hershey No. 4 is on my agenda.)

Laura Belgrave, Author of the Claudia Hershey Mystery Series
There are three books in Laura Belgrave’s series. The first is In the Spirit of Murder. The second is Quietly Dead. The third is Deadly Associations. They’ve been well received by readers and are available in eBook format and paperback formats.

How Mystery Authors Get Their Ideas
As an author primarily of mystery novels, sometimes the oddest moments or experiences can trigger a great story — or at least a compelling scene. Physical therapy works for me!

What Do You Think People Look Like When You Haven’t Met Them?
When you meet someone you’ve spoken to over the telephone many times but previously haven’t actually met, what do you go into that face-to-face encounter imagining the person looks like? I ask because readers ask me about the main character in my Claudia Hershey mystery series. Not so easy to answer as you might think.

What to Expect in FUNNY MONEY, a Humorous Mystery
Every now and then, book readers should just settle in for a good belly laugh or two. In Funny Money, set in the 1980s, that’s what you’ll get — not to mention some light mystery, quirky characters and tough decisions that involve them all in unexpected ways. If you’ve ever enjoyed a Carl Hiaasen, Dave Barry or Tim Dorsey humor novel, then this is for you. Have a look. Funny Money is NOT part of the Claudia Hershey Mystery Series. It’s a standalone novel.



Author Laura Belgrave’s Advice to Writers

How to Turn YOUR Experience Into Book Plots
Something bugging you? Something creating irritations in your own life? No matter how seemingly minor they might be, they can work in plot development or character development for author books.

How to Make Title and Character Development Work Together
Writers, authors? Think of the future when you write a book or novel. Times are changing rapidly, especially with the advent of the ebook market. Don’t miss out.

How to Avoid Writer’s Block
Sometimes writer’s block isn’t what it seems. But if you’re struggling to move your novel forward, I have a few tips that I learned over time when writing my Claudia Hershey mystery series. Have a look. See if these might not work for you.

Writers, Get Off Your Butts Now!
Writers? The cards are in. Science is telling us that prolonged sitting can create all kinds of medical issues. This shouldn’t surprise anyone, but if you find yourself so deep into what you’re penning that you haven’t taken in a break in sometimes hours, then take it from me: You need to start now.

How To Fine Tune Your Novel
Writers and authors face a crowded market. Those who do the best make certain they get a professional editor. See why.