Teaser of the Month | In the Spirit of Murder

Teaser of the Month | In the Spirit of Murder

So, okay. Can you find the killer before Claudia Hershey does? The passage is in Chapter 2 of In the Spirit of Murder — first in this (so far) three-part police procedural series. You can read more about the general plot of the mystery right here. Naturally, I’m hoping you’re intrigued enough to want to download the book to your digital device, whatever it might be. You’ll find it on Amazon. Or, if you like bound books, well, you can buy one there, too. (Down the road, the book will also be available as an audio book. But I’m getting ahead of myself.)

My thinking: I might drop these teasers in every now and then because I’m the author and I can add as much as I want. You, on the other hand.. well, there’s all this copyright stuff you have to be concerned about, so you can’t just rip a bunch of text from a page and go all loosey-goosey with it. Not with that, and not with photos.

But let me repeat the actual text right here, just in case you can’t read it in the photo or you (gasp) fail to overlook the photo in a larger size:

For the longest time afterward, it was almost impossible to pull in a deep breath. He sucked at the air noisily, taking it in huge gulps to stem the nausea. And the sweat—it seeped from every pore as if he’d just run a marathon. He could smell himself; swore he could smell her too.

But it was over. She was dead, and he had killed her, and he was glad.

Teased enough? Good, because I just ran out of steam.